Our Services.

Planter Services

Seed Meters

Cleaning and calibration along with John Deere clutch and Vdrive motor rebuilds

Planter Inspections

We will come to you or you can bring the planter down to our shop. For those wanting to do the work themselves, we are happy to help show the way and give suggestions on recommended repairs/upgrades.


We can update your planter with the newest innovations out there such as Precision Planting, Yetter, and Mudsmith wheels etc. to get it running better than new.

Custom Planter Builds

We also sell Wilrich and Harvest International bars with row units to build the correct planter for your operation. See our Gallery to view some of our favorite projects!


We can make recommendations on how to get your planter running at optimum performance. We offer onsite troubleshooting, over-the-phone assistance, and videos. We have a vast area of knowledge from “playing in the dirt” all the way from Oklahoma to North Dakota.

Cornhead / Platforms

We sell GTS and Geringhoff parts and service. We also sell aftermarket stalk rolls, devastators and gathering chains. We can install for you or help via phone.


We sell Wilrich, Harvest International, and occasionally used bars that have been repaired, if necessary.

We also deal in many Coulter/knife/basket parts, and would be glad to help point you in the right direction for whatever you need.

Conventional Tillage

We sell many wear parts and can help identify longer-lasting products, as well as give guidance to which machines would work best in your area. We also provide onsite troubleshooting for all tillages.